Building Trust Is A Two-Way Street

“The glue that holds all relationships together – 
including the relationship between the leader and the led – 
is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” 

Brian Tracy 

Build Trust, one of Padilla’s Shared Beliefs, gets to the heart of our relationships, and it’s often on my mind. 

The Build Trust Belief says: Trust works when we build and protect it with authenticity, accountability and respect. It’s the glue that makes our work, our relationships and one another stronger. 

So, what does it really take to build trust? Let’s examine some examples of important behaviors outlined by Padilla for this Shared Belief. 

Behavior 1: Work to earn the trust of others and give it in return. 

Building trust is a two-way street. If you want others to trust you, you must earn that trust and demonstrate trust in others. Our clients come to us to help them build relationships that compel their stakeholders – customers, investors, employees, communities, etc. – to trust them. But to do that, they need to DO things that earn trust and COMMUNICATE in ways that help stakeholders understand them – their mission and values – and believe them. 

The same goes for individual relationships. Everyone says they hate micromanagers, yet we’ve all had managers who have stood over our shoulders from time to time. It’s easy to criticize them – and they may deserve it – but it also might be good to examine WHY that manager might be acting that way. Some level of trust might be missing. Perhaps better communications (on both ends) could help build more trust. 

Behavior 2: I do what I say, and when I can’t, I explain why and help identify a solution. 

Life happens. Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, and you can’t deliver exactly what you originally planned. When that happens, get out in front of it, be honest and clear about the challenges you’re facing and come to the table with ideas for solutions. Building trust means not leaving teammates hanging. 

Behavior 3: I welcome opinions outside of my own and share my point of view with honesty and respect. 

We brainstorm for a reason. We need diverse perspectives and other ways of thinking to arrive at the best ideas. In return, when exchanging opinions with others, we should always come from a place of respect. 

Why Building Trust Matters. 

Our business is all about collaboration, and trust is an essential element to building effective teams. A lack of it leads to narrow thinking, protecting self-interests and thinking-as-one. When you put your trust in others – and others trust you – great ideas emerge, people win as a team, and our work is much more enjoyable. 

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