6 Search Engine Facts that Make the Case for SEO

You and your client may be on the fence about allocating marketing or PR dollars towards a search engine friendly website and content. If that’s the case and you want to increase traffic, raise awareness, generate sales or leads on your website search should be a part of your digital strategy. Here are a few basic stats on why search is a valuable tactic:

Why Consider Search?

1. 82% of Internet Users Use Search
With the majority of internet users “looking” for content via search it’s important that your site is showing up on page one of Google. Source

2. Over 100 Billion Global Searches are Conducted Each Month
Even if you think that you’re in an industry that doesn’t have a huge search appeal I can pretty much guarantee that someone out of those 100 billion searches is looking for content on your website. Source

3. 80% of B2B and B2C Marketers Rely on Search
Out of the 500 marketers surveyed in Web Marketing 123’s 2012 Digital Survey, 84% of B2B marketers rely on search and 82% of B2C marketers are relying on search. Clearly there’s a reason why, even then they plan on spending more marketing dollars on search in 2013. Source

Why Content Needs to be Optimized?

4. 75% of Users Do Not Click Past Page One of Google
If you don’t have optimized content you will most likely not be on page one of Google. Not being on page means your website is only visible to 25% of searchers. Page one results should be a goal for any SEO campaign. Source

5. Top Google Result Gets Almost 40% of Clicks
Optify did a study on organic search clicks and the top three spots in Google command close to 60% of all clicks. Spot one takes in close to 40% of clicks by itself. Due to the high click through of these spots, once we get our client’s on page one we then fine tune the campaign to push the site to the top of the page. Source

6. 70%-80% of Users Ignore Paid Search Ads
Paid search is a proven tactic but simply relying on paid search for search engine traffic can be costly and ineffective. With a good portion of users ignoring ads organic search should be the focus. Source

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