5 booze trends to ban from predictions

People in booze have been scouring the internet for upcoming trends and predictions in 2015. The only list that caught my attention was Kara Newman’s post on Liquor.com. Everything else was the same old boring stuff. It was as though the majority of predictions were just rehashes of previous years. Are people getting lazy? Or is there nothing new?

Rather than give my predictions, I’m doing something a little different. Here are my top five trends that you ALWAYS see in year-start predictions that need to be banned as they’re NOT trends…

The Mad Men Effect – OK, old school cocktails are cool. They never really went away, so stop saying they’re back! Since the show’s last season is this year, we also need a better name for this movement.

Small Batches are Big – People go ga-ga over artisanal, small batch producers. It makes you feel special that you’re having something so unique. And now that more and more distilleries are popping up around the country, this isn’t going away.

The Death of the 3-tier System – This is not happening. This will never happen. It would be great, but it is not happening. Not in America. Not ever. Sorry dudes. 

Gin is In – I’ve said this in my predictions of previous years and I need to give it a rest. Gin is always in. It might not be as mainstream as whiskey or vodka, but it’s a spirit that is here to stay with industry insiders and I will refrain from saying it again. 

Craft Beers are Nifty – Seriously. People say this. Of COURSE they’re nifty!! Everyone LOVES craft beers (even my lovely colleague)! It goes without saying. This isn’t a trend. This is a fact. 

If you have a booze trend you always see that gets in your craw, write in the comments below!

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