3 Social Media Resolutions for 2023

The close of another calendar year has come and gone, initiating a wave of reflection that inspires resolutions for the new year. No matter what your resolution is or where it applies, promises for the New Year often hold a common theme: How can I improve?  Here are three ideas for digestible paid social goals (that build on each other!) to carry with you through 2023: 

Create content and copy that feels personal to your audience 

Social media users are flooded with content on a minute-by-minute basis. With such vast amounts of content crossing your target audiences screen daily, making your organic content personal is the best way to ensure engagement.  

Here are the first three steps in ensuring your content connects: 

  1. Define your target audience. How old are they? Who are they?  
  1. What does your audience’s life look like in relation to the content you want them to relate to? Help your audience picture their life with your product by their side. 
  1. Experiment with what resonates organically, and from there, apply a paid strategy to your top performing content. 

Develop and use a paid strategy to reach your target audience 

Paid strategies are absolutely necessary in today’s social media landscape. You can hope your target audience will see your content, but that’s about as much control as you have without a paid strategy. You are sending your posts out into the social media void and hoping they resonate with whoever’s path they cross – there is no direction, and likely no return on your investment. Why spend valuable time planning, writing, and producing social content with no guarantee it will reach your audience?  

By putting a budget and a paid strategy behind your content, you are guaranteeing a specific “path” for your content to fall on. In this case, your path is your target audience. By placing money behind the content that you already spent time and money producing, you can directly target your audience with your allotted spend. 

Familiarize yourself with two paid optimizations on at least one social platform.  

Focus on learning two paid optimizations for the social platforms that are in line with your company’s goals and your target audience. For example, focusing on Instagram as your platform and traffic and awareness for our optimizations. Traffic will drive our target audience to your website to take action and awareness (optimizing for reach) will get your company or advertisement in front of as many eyes as possible – specifically, eyes that will be more likely to interact with and/or spend money with you.  By focusing on these two optimization types that align with your goals, you can begin to refine your creative strategy, audience and messaging to achieve better results as your ads continue to run in the coming weeks and months. 

If you need assistance developing your paid social strategy Padilla’s Channels team is ready to jump in and help you make the most out of your social media efforts in 2023.  

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