3 Reasons Why Facebook is Right for B2B

When marketers think about B2B, LinkedIn typically comes to mind. As the social network for business, it makes sense to visit LinkedIn to follow industry news, post white papers, share infographics, etc. It’s also the perfect place to network, connect and grow relationships. Why go anywhere else?

Well… for a few reasons.

Where’s the C-Suite? Facebook.

If you’re trying to reach the C-Suite, like many enterprise companies, a recent study shows that, well, you’re actually going to find them on Facebook. The C-Suite’s use of social is growing more and more, with 87 percent on social media. And… 93 percent are using Facebook.

The C-Suite’s use of social is growing more and more, with 87 percent on social media. And... 93 percent are using Facebook.Click To Tweet

Yep, they’re probably looking at picture of their nieces and nephews, and reconnecting with college friends. Whatever the reason, they are on Facebook, so if they are your target, it’s the perfect place to start. Just make sure you’re smart about the tone and feel of your content, as they’re expecting it to mesh with their personal use of the platform.

Granular Targeting

Now that you’ve decided to use Facebook to target potential B2B customers, what’s next? We all know that Facebook is essentially a pay-for-play platform at this point. If you want posts to reach your audience, you’re going to have to use a media buy. The great news is that you can create very detailed custom audiences, down to job title and even company. Now that’s effective targeting.

Plus you can install Facebook Pixels into your website retarget leads who have visited your site already, creating multiple touchpoints.

The Leader in Video

Facebook’s video capabilities vastly outpace LinkedIn. LinkedIn only recently started offering the ability to upload video directly onto the platform, a practically antique feature for Facebook. So naturally Facebook has already moved beyond that into 360-degree video and Live video. This means more exciting and different ways to reach your audience, whether it’s through live expert panels or broadcasting from events.

What successes have you seen for your B2B efforts on Facebook?

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