3 Documentaries That Inspire Digital Creativity

1. The Adobe Illustrator Story

What I learned: Software is just a tool. Hearing these designers talk about how it was “back in the day” really sheds light on how far software has evolved and influenced digital work. We tend to rely on software to do everything for us but it’s hard to think that their was a time when Photoshop and Illustrator didn’t exist. Combining pre-computer techniques and hand made elements in today’s digital space will push more authenticity, inspiration and genuine work.

2. Print the Legend

What I learned: Digital isn’t just for the screen. As someone who works in the digital space we traditionally work within the confines of our computers and devices. With 3d printers we’re able to take a digital object and create it physically. It’s a pretty amazing concept that was once reserved only for commercial applications and now we can do this ourselves. 3d printing technology is moving so fast it’s hard to predict where it will land. I really see 3d printers as a bridge between the physical and digital world and this tie can be a huge influence on creativity and inspiration.

3. #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL – Aaron Draplin & The Art of the Side Hustle Pt 1

What I learned: Get up off your butt, get out of the office and look at more stuff. Get inspired by something other than what fits within your computer screen. Aaron Draplin has this mindset and it shows in his awesome design work. He’s able to explore unexpected objects, rare finds and junk for his design inspiration. He’s a picker and collector and what he loves inspires his work. In a world and business where we need to “get it done” a walk around the block or flea market find might lead to that next big idea or creative breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

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