Crisis + Critical Issues

Protect your reputation.

Our proudest moments are often ones you’ll never read about. Critical issues can come from any direction, and each one represents a moment of truth for your brand and your reputation. Fortunately, our entire team is prepared to shepherd you through the storm with a thorough, rapid response protocol and our 24-hour emergency hotline. We help you remain clear, coherent and credible, and emerge with reputation intact.

Crisis + Critical Issues Leads:

Brian Ellis
A former Emmy award-winning reporter, Brian has been on the front lines of crisis planning and management for more than 25 years. He has been involved in nearly every type of critical issue that has the potential to damage a brand, and advocates advance preparation as the best way to protect organizations and their reputations.

Bob McNaney
A nationally recognized crisis communication and strategy counselor, Bob also provides executive and media coaching for organizations large and small. Prior to joining Padilla, he was an National Emmy Award winning investigative journalist with more than 24 years of reporting experience.


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