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Cachaça, Don’t Call it Rum: Learn More About Brazil’s National Spirit 

With temps nearing 100 degrees, a West Village bar invites patrons in for Caipirinhas Brazil possesses a unique style that effortlessly excites all the senses. We see it in the graceful footwork of Br…
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The Scoop on National Ice Cream Month: Reagan, Beets and 2016 Trends

Ever curious about who named July “National Ice Cream Month” and why there are a slew of ice cream-related events and campaigns that are centered around it? Well, you can thank Congress an…
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World Health Day 2016 Focuses on Diabetes!

On my way to work today scrolling down my Twitter feed on the subway platform, I saw that it was World Health Day and to my delight this year’s focus is “Beat #Diabetes”! World Health Da…
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It’s Mardi Gras: Celebrate Creole & Cajun, and Know the Difference

New Orleans, a tapestry of history, spirituality,  tradition, culinary arts, culture, soul, architecture, music and art all in one; and a perfect place to take a trip if you want a bit of everything…
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Reap the Harvest & Get Cozy in the Kitchen

Autumn is a time of harvest, reflection, change and gratitude. The season comes quickly and marks a pivotal shift of energy which is visually obvious at every turn, as we notice all of the efforts of…
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Hard Cider in Hudson Valley – An Empire State of Mind

I don’t know about other New Yorkers City dwellers but I often like to escape this urban jungle. An easy escape is New York’s Hudson Valley, where I was lucky enough to be raised for the better pa…
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