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Driving Employee Engagement in M&A Transactions

Change is always hard, and when organizations with distinctly different cultures and styles come together in the course of a merger or acquisition, it can be even harder. It’s important to clearly a…
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Women, Money and Power

Some interesting – and very timely – data was reported by PadillaCRT client Allianz Life last week. Women, it appears, are taking the reins of their household finances, but many are still hesitan…
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Protect your elders from financial abuse

Some alarming revelations were released by PadillaCRT client Allianz Life earlier this week—and chief among them, the fact that the incidence and financial impact of elder financial abuse may be wor…
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Regret and the Gift of Time

PadillaCRT client Allianz Life released an eye-opening new study on Monday and the lead statistic was sobering. A third (32 percent) of Americans say they regret the major choices they made in their l…
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Generation Debt

I’m from Generation X. I came of age when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were in their primes, when grunge-inspired fashioned reigned supreme and everyone in my demographic was slapped with the slacker, dise…
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How to: overcome the challenge of talent acquisition (and retention)

Highly skilled employees are hard to find – and keep. That was the persistent theme I heard last week at the Middle-Market Forum 2014 in Minneapolis, sponsored by Twin Cities Business magazine. The…
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