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Communicating Unpredictable Regulatory Milestones

As researchers work at a never-seen-before pace to develop a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA has taken center stage. Founded in 1906, the Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency…
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Navigating Virtual Medical Meetings in a Post-Pandemic World

From 2005–2015, there were over 30,000 medical meetings in the United States, according to a report from the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association. With a vast range of topics, experts an…
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Breaking Through The News – Or Just Sitting Tight

Most health care organization these days can tell you just how difficult it is to get newsrooms to focus on any other health story besides the latest developments of the COVID-19/coronavirus. Obviousl…
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Three Questions To Ask Your SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Despite shrinking newsrooms, the pressure and expectation of coverage remains. For the most part, basic product launches and the announcement of a new business imperative just aren’t going to cut it…
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3 Ways Med Tech Companies Can Make Earned Media Dollars Go Farther

“We want news coverage so people know who we are.” But awareness among which stakeholders? And what do we want them to do with that information? For med tech companies who navigate product life cy…
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Making Sure New Communication Technology Is The Right Technology For Your Medtech Company

Buyers (whether they are surgeons, procurement officers or distributors) are just like us: their time is in high demand, their attention span is ever-shortening, and they are hyper focused in lowering…
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