Three Questions To Ask Your SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Despite shrinking newsrooms, the pressure and expectation of coverage remains. For the most part, basic product launches and the announcement of a new business imperative just aren’t going to cut it.

But with news media still the top source for credible information, it’s not nearly time for PR pros to take their ball and go home. Instead, it’s time to evolve how we approach media relations and how we define newsworthiness for our internal (and external) stakeholders.

It means looking beyond the four walls of your organization.

What do your subject matter experts (SMEs) think about what’s happening in their industry? What is exciting? What’s not being reported about that is actually an important development?

Starting with an externally oriented pitch immediately separates you from the pack of self-promoting press releases. In fact, it builds credibility and positions your SME (and company) as a thought leader and credible source not only for the topic you are pitching, but for future topics as well.

Where to start?

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