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Getting the most from your doctor’s visit

Hospitals, doctors and other healthcare professionals are often held to a higher standard than your average Joe. As a society, we look to them for answers, for guidance and to address our deepest conc…
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Have a Healthy School Year

This week kicked off an exciting time for many kids—the beginning of a new school year.  For most parents a new school year is a sigh of relief, but for some, it can be a little overwhelming. From…
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#SummerTime #HealthyLiving

Summer is finally here! We can all take a deep breath, venture outside and enjoy the sun. It’s the start of vacations, cookouts, festivals, beaches and so many more outdoor activities. And, as we al…
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What I Learned While Touring Japan

I recently took a journey halfway around the world. And while I love to travel, I had no idea that I would fall in love with a place that was so vastly different than what I’m used to – especially…
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Nobody Needs the Doctor’s Office

Convenience is the most important aspect of the new healthcare world. These days, a sore throat doesn’t always warrant a call to your primary care physician. Instead, a quick search on your favorite…
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