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Get It Write: Training to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Before we get started, let’s address one thing: We still need writing skills in 2023. None of us can just ChatGPT our way through day-to-day writing. (You don’t have to take our word for it – re…
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2022 Writing Guide: 3 Essential Qualities for Business Comms

How do I say this? As a senior writer at Padilla, I ask myself that question a lot. I always want to get it right – but in conversations about racism and racial equity, there’s an added layer of u…
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Can Your Brand Withstand a $350K Price Tag?

“Are we worth it?” It’s one of the toughest questions colleges and universities must ask themselves. The time to answer and address that question is now. The challenge of paying for college…
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College Students: Belonging Before Succeeding

Feeling like you belong matters to your success. That’s one of the key ideas in a recent report on college students from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. The report iden…
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Inseparable: College Recruitment and Retention

Photo Credit: Nimble Photography Admissions marketing needs to promote retention initiatives early and often. And, that’s true for initiatives that support students’ overall well-being, not ju…
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College Affordability: New Data Source

Say hello to a treasure trove of college affordability data. The Urban Institute recently launched the Understanding College Affordability project. Its premise? Affordability means much more than tuit…
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