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Tick Tock What?

With yesterday’s deadline seemingly avoided, the saga does not end. What a wild ride, but in the middle of the rollercoaster, don’t lose the bigger picture. We were headed for a collision, but…
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2020 is Hindsight

This is a year that has even turned clichés on their heads as people plan for business as unusual and navigate the road in the bumps. Our children are not the only ones distance learning as we have t…
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COVID-19’s Wake-Up Call: Food System Realities Reimagined Series (Part 2)

In this five-week series, “COVID-19’s Wake-Up Call: Food System Realities Reimagined,” experts from across the AVENIR GLOBAL network and global food system are exploring five new “food system…
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Five Considerations for a Restaurant Reopening

Your table is ready, a masked hostess informs you. No, you are not sipping a drink at the bar, but sitting in your car. You enter and pass a number of empty tables and hand sanitizing stations before…
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Zoom Connections

How do we comfort one another through a computer screen? How do we wipe away tears without breaking the ‘avoid touching your face’ guidelines? How do we possibly come to terms with our new normal?…
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Increasing Challenges Delivering An Omnichannel Experience

Hootsuite released its annual global report showing that in 2020 we will likely pass the point where over half of the global population is on social media. We’ve already passed the halfway point of…
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