Padilla Shortlisted for SABRE Awards

Recognized among more than 2,000 entries in the 2024 competition, Padilla is a PRovoke SABRE Awards North America finalist in two categories:

The SABRE Awards recognize superior achievement in branding, reputation, and engagement.

An Epic Saga of Taste, Sustainability, and Success

The Norwegian Seafood Council is a world leader in responsible fishing practices thanks to centuries of tradition. It produces delicious, sustainably harvested salmon that is 99% antibiotic- and GMO-free. Despite several inherent advantages, Norwegian salmon failed to rise to the top of the U.S. seafood marketplace.

Padilla was tasked with getting that story out there to build preference among seafood lovers, visibility at supermarkets, and, ultimately, increase market share and sales. Our integrated campaign made a major splash and met every objective.


Reducing Ag’s Carbon Footprint 1 Million Acres at a Time
Agriculture is tied to the climate crisis, contributing 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions while producing food, fuel, and fiber for the world’s growing population. Agriculture can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make our global food system more sustainable.

Recognizing this opportunity, Agoro Carbon was created in 2021 to accelerate the global transition to climate-smart agriculture practices. The company needed to build trust as an authentic partner ready to support producers through every step of their carbon journey. Their goal was bold: to enroll 1 million acres of farm and pastureland in the company’s first 18 months. Those efforts would sequester more than 5 million tons of carbon by 2033. And that’s what Padilla helped achieve – and exceed – one field at a time.


Our SHIFT Communications team is also a finalist in the Corporate Reputation: Employer Brand category for its “Cooking Up McDonald’s Employer Brand Love” campaign.