Padilla Earns Best of Show – PR at 2021 Best of NAMA Awards

Minneapolis, MN (July 21, 2021) – The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) recognized Padilla with the Best of Show – Public Relations award during its 2021 Agri-Marketing Conference and Best of NAMA Awards Ceremony in Kansas City.  

NAMA is the agriculture industry’s largest professional development organization and awards are highly coveted by clients and agencies alike. Padilla with Sound Agriculture received Best of Show in the category: Overall PR Program – Directed to Farmers, Growers, Ranchers or Others Serving Agribusiness.  

Learn more with the video case story and campaign summary:   

Farmers have heard every pitch for products promising higher yields. The already-saturated inputs market, combined with unsupported claims from recent newcomers, has caused skepticism among farmers. When a new product hits the market touting more bushels or healthier soil, it takes convincing for farmers to adopt.  

Being the “new kid on the block” in agriculture is challenging, too. Farmers tend to remain loyal to the brands and products they know and have used for years.   

Sound Agriculture came onto the scene with a different approach compared to traditional ag companies. Sound helps farmers tackle some of today’s biggest farming challenges, enabling sustainability across the agriculture value chain. Sound’s first product, SOURCE, is unlike any other product on the market, working in the soil where it activates beneficial microbes at the root zone – tapping into the soil’s full potential and ultimately reducing a farmer’s reliance on fertilizer.  

Leading up to SOURCE’S launch for the 2020 season, Sound discovered farmers’ appetite for science, a pillar of the company’s innovative approach. Farmers want to know the science behind the products they use.  

Sound and Padilla worked together to launch SOURCE. Based on research findings, Sound and Padilla developed compelling messaging, ramped up the digital experience and executed a multi-channel communication campaign – including paid, earned, shared and owned media – to introduce SOURCE to the ag world. The following manifesto led our communications strategy: “When science and modern innovation take hold, it leads to a more environmentally sound solution for better production and more efficiency. It’s not magic, just science.”  

SOURCE sold out for the 2020 growing season, reflecting the success of Sound and Padilla’s efforts, and setting Sound up for success with future product launches. Since launch, overall web traffic increased by 245% compared to the previous year. Media coverage helped spread the news, generating 257 stories and 133 million+ impressions. 

View the complete list of the 2021 Best of NAMA award winners at NAMA.org. 


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