Fall is upon us: Tips to renew your brand campaigns

Fall begins tomorrow. The temperature will range from near-freezing at night to a warm 70 degree during the days. The leaves will turn to vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange and soon drop to the cover the ground. Football games are on display, the air becomes crisp, children return to school and for many companies and business professionals, it’s a time of renewal for both your account teams and client campaigns.


Consumers love the seasons and doing seasonal things, so companies using seasonal branding can take advantage of this time. They become intrigued by the brand and want to do more with it. Here are some ways you can benefit from this time and revive your campaigns for the remainder of the year:

Review your Strategy
Perhaps for your clients, a new season calls for a new strategy. This could be a time for strengthening relationships with new or existing clients and customers. You could develop new content, or begin creating buzz around a new product that is soon to be launched.

Revisit the Editorial Calendar
Determine if you can leverage the fall season to engage with your audience. Perhaps hold a brainstorm and adjust your editorial calendar accordingly. Maybe there are seasonal promotions worth sharing? Now is the time to tease these and engage your audience.

Look at your Advertising Budget
Take a good look at your advertising spend to date and see if there are changes that should be made to use it to its full extent. Particularly with social advertising, it’s important to use strategic ads and boosted posts to attract new fans every month.

Capitalize on Fall Events
Launching a seasonal campaign can add value by giving a brand a fresh look and feel, while expanding a brand’s personality. Cool weather, apple cider, pumpkin picking, hay rides, cooking heartier meals, baking cookies, football, setting clocks back, switching closets with seasonal clothing, hunting, preparation for the holidays and holiday shopping are all activities we see surface in the fall. Not to mention there are several holidays to consider: Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Election Day, and Veterans Day. Take advantage of these events, think about what they mean to your target audience and tie them back to a fall promotion for your campaign.

Recapture your Social Audience
A lot can change over the course of a year. Now is the time to revisit your social media strategy and perhaps give it a quick refresher to ensure the plan is still on track. Review your goals and determine what is achievable over the next 3-4 months. Look at your posts collectively to ensure that you continue to carry the same tone of voice. Whether you’re seeking sales, loyalty, or awareness, take steps to hone in on how to accomplish your goals by the end of the year.

Prepare for the Holiday Season
The holidays are right around the corner. If you plan to promote products or services for the holidays, start building momentum for them now and you’ll see a tie to sales in the coming months.

Planning for the Next Year
2016 budget talks may be starting soon. Now is a great time to make sure that you’re budgeting and planning accordingly for the remainder of the year and the upcoming year.

Charitable Giving and Volunteering
The season of corporate giving kicks off. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with employees who have been off on summer holiday. Many will give nationally or locally in the communities in which they work. Companies that contribute locally are well-regarded in their local communities. Volunteering is a great way to showcase community involvement. Take advantage of team building opportunities, like volunteering time to an organization or participating in outdoor activities.

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