Digital Campaigns, Deals and Tools to Help Ease The Back-to-School Burden

2014-back-to-school-infographic-662pxIt’s officially back to school season. Every year, I try to find some way to streamline this process and minimize the exodus of spending that can occur. According to the National Retail Federation, total back-to-school spending in the United States is expected to reach $26.5 billion in 2014. WOW!

Seems like there are always more ways to spend your money on back-to-school supplies and clothes, than there is actual money.

This year, my research has focused on finding the digital campaigns, deals and tools that can help ease the back-to-school burden and leave more greenbacks in your bank account, or at least make you feel a little bit better about your spending.

Target is now selling Yoobi school supplies. For every Yoobi item you buy, a Yoobi item is donated to a classroom in need. Check out the video to learn more.

If you haven’t checked out Target’s mobile app Cartwheel, you should. It’s gaining momentum and enables you to scan Target deals through coupon codes from your phone as you check out.

Walmart has a great tool to help you find your school’s supply list and match it to Walmart merchandise.

Apple is in the game with college students, offering $100 Apple Store Gift Cards for new Mac purchases and $50 Apple Store Gift Cards for iPhones and iPads.

Cricket Wireless also is attracting the college crowd with no annual contracts and affordable plans.

Whole Foods is supporting “going green” this back-to-school season by posting some great blog videos about teens choosing safe makeup and other green products for back to school.

Staples is teaming up with Katy Perry to #MakeRoarHappen by pledging to donate $1 million to, so teachers can get the supplies they need for their students to succeed. is an online charity that has helped bring classroom resources to 11 million students and counting.

Online coupon codes If you are very spend conscious, here are a few online resources that can help you with the best online deals:,,, and And if you can’t decide, you can simply go to, since they sum it all up pretty well.

What are your favorite resources for the back to school season?

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