4 Keys to Communicating During a Crisis

Recently, I shared my thoughts on the most important crisis management trends of 2023. One of those trends was direct and unfiltered stakeholder contact. The point is that targeted messages need to reach directly to key audiences in a timely manner. Doing such will allow stakeholders to make decisions affecting their well-being as well as provide potentially important and immediate feedback to refine your management of a current crisis. 

Great, BUT during a crisis, how do you identify your audiences, craft relevant messages and install a mechanism for feedback—all in a succinct timeline? 

Our PadillaPrep coaching program includes a crisis course with best practices and tools to help quell communication paralysis during a crisis. Here’s a preview of four steps for success:  

  1. Get smart – You will not have access to all possible information but gather what you can as soon as you can and start working from there. Concurrently, create a process for additional information gathering and updates throughout the crisis. 
  1. Prioritize your audiences and develop your key messaging – Think about all your possible stakeholders and map them out. Rank them by determining who is in most need of receiving information as well as who others may turn to in search of facts. Create key messages based on the information on hand, crafted to meet the audience’s needs. 
  1. Shape the story by communicating early –The sooner you can start communicating to your key audiences, the better chance you have in shaping the story. You will need to start responding to inquiries and disseminating messaging as soon as you have gathered enough to assist stakeholders in their decision-making process.
  1. Evaluate and repeat –Monitoring media and social channels will tell you how your messaging is being received and acted upon. Gathering feedback from your key audiences will guide your actions and communications going forward. 

Interested in learning more best practices for managing and communicating through a crisis? Feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions.  

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