3 in 3: Newsletters, Prioritizing Reels, IG Creator Marketplace

Padilla stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you three stories that you can read in three minutes.

1. LinkedIn Launches Newsletters

What’s Up: LinkedIn implemented newsletters for company pages by expanding their articles feature. The platform seeks to increase engagement with followers and create impactful conversations. Why We Love It: This may grow communities faster with the use of newsletters. They’re a new interactive element purposeful for connectivity, and it’s consolidating information into a platform associated with career development. This could also be a helpful factor with increasing subscriptions to the platform as it is available to access on a subscription basis. [LinkedIn]

2. The Evolution of Reels

What’s Up: In June, Instagram announced its plan to prioritize video content. Last August, Instagram implemented Reels but since then has enhanced video content creation features. Why We Love It: The prioritization is already impacting Instagram feeds and showcasing a shift towards more digestible video content and faster engagement patterns. Additionally, users have been able to change over story highlights into reels. Changing the stories to reels proves to be helpful as it allows users to be able to have their content more accessible to their audience. [LYFE Marketing]

3. Instagram’s Creator Marketplace

What’s Up: An initial test done by Instagram for their new ‘Creator Marketplace’ Influencer Discovery Platform is underway. The new Marketplace will enable advertisers to search for potential creators to partner with on campaigns among a slew of other nuances. Why We Love It: This new feature could impact Instagram influencers and creators greatly by organizing potential partnerships and allowing ease for companies with search options. Companies will also be able to filter creators based on age, gender, demographics, etc. This aids with narrowing creator content into niches and gives creators the ability to specify areas they wish to work in. [SocialMediaToday]

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