Virginia Wine


Over the last 10 years, the buyer’s journey and user experience online have become further and further nuanced, forcing companies to consistently adapt. Since 2006, when we began partnering with Virginia Wine, we noticed their customers consistently using different methods to search for information about wineries and began noticing traffic diverting from the site.


In the past, users would rely on the Virginia Wine website, or the winery’s website, to find information such as address and hours of operation. With the ever-increasing power of Google, traffic was being diverted from, and the company needed to provide value to their customers in new ways.


It was time to adapt. We needed to completely analyze the user experience of the three segments of Virginia Wine’s website: winery owners, winery visitors and the Virginia Wine Marketing Office.


We rolled up our sleeves and spent the last year completing five rounds of testing and interviews involving the three website segments. The interviews became our compass, helping our team and Virginia Wine understand areas of improvement for the site. We relied on this research when making decisions to iterate and improve the user experience. From our insight, we prototyped, tested, launched and monitored a completely redesigned winery and event search that better matched user behavior and thought process.


Looking ahead, we’re launching new features for users to create their own accounts, plan winery trips and “favorite” wineries. We’ll also be launching the Virginia Wine App for iOS and Android.