Virginia Lottery


In 2015, the Virginia Lottery announced it would move its headquarters, including more than 200 employees and gaming equipment, to another state office building in downtown Richmond.


Aiming to use the move as an opportunity to engage employees, the Virginia Lottery partnered with Padilla to increase collaboration and interaction between employees, create an atmosphere of fun, and foster a communication environment to help employees more readily accept change in the workplace.


Padilla worked closely with Virginia Lottery leadership to develop a strategic plan, which included:


With the plan finalized, the team provided strategic guidance and assistance throughout the move process. Activities and communication included:


As a result of these efforts, 96 percent of employees surveyed felt communications were informative throughout the move process. No employee-related complaints were reported from neighbors; in fact, neighbors welcomed the Virginia Lottery and expressed interest in working together. Additionally, 93 percent of employees surveyed felt engaged in the move throughout the preparation process, and 96 percent said they are excited about the opportunities the new headquarters offers for their workplace culture.