Produce for Better Health Foundation


“Eat your vegetables.” “An apple a day…” We’ve heard messages like these since we were kids. Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) needed a new way to say it in order to reawaken the love of fruits and vegetables and their critical role in supporting happier, healthier lives.

Padilla saw an opportunity to help PBH improve its digital ecosystem and user experience. Through interviews and competitive audits, we gained a new understanding of consumers’ habits and behavior around technology, perceptions of fruits and vegetables, and the role of food in their lives, fully defining the challenge ahead of us.


Padilla reimagined PBH’s existing digital presence as a digital lifestyle editorial hub and set out to create a more relevant experience based on the audience’s needs and methods of consuming information. We tapped into PBH’s extensive consumer research and used their proprietary KNOW-FEEL-DO Behavioral Framework to inform the strategic approach and shape our solution. This more engaging digital experience, reflecting PBH’s new brand and positioning, would bring organization to the thousands of pieces of content and serve as a foundation that we can grow and build upon.

A key part of our findings revealed that the content and overall experience needed to align with seasonal changes and resonate during key moments of our users’ lives. Far more than just a reworked website, PBH’s new online consumer platform now:

And finally, this foundational digital ecosystem can be easily extended into new digital touchpoints.


The website was built from the ground up to appeal to PBH audiences by addressing consumer aspirations and frustrations directly. Traffic to the site has greatly improved, with time on the new site up by 15%, and pages per session up by 17% vs. the old site. Compared to the previous site, our relaunch saw an increase in pages per session, a 3% reduction in bounce rate, and a 10 second increase in average session duration. Overall, audience engagement has clearly improved.

E-newsletters were redesigned and refocused to address top content and visual priorities, and our open rates have increased by 58%.

The social media tone of voice became more youthful and better suited to PBH’s target audience, led with higher quality, visual-first/video-first content, and included partnerships with social savvy influencers. Our takeover of the PBH social channels has yielded 2,500+ new followers and obtained 30,000 engagements in its first six months – with Facebook and Instagram averaging nearly 1 million in monthly reach per channel.

Since launch in 2019, the campaign has seen 4.5 million impressions, 485,000 clicks and 12,000 conversions with a CTR of about 11% (over 2x industry benchmark of approximately 5%) and an average cost per click of $1.58.