Niagara Conservation


Niagara Conservation toilets use 77 percent less water than conventional toilets – an important advantage considering the world’s diminishing supplies of fresh water. But gaining awareness for the disruptor brand presented a challenge.

Well-known competitors were flush with marketing dollars. Padilla had to be savvier and more strategic to make a splash in the marketplace.


Padilla’s research revealed prospects most likely to consider Niagara for their next purchase: millennial homeowners and millennial property managers. Both audiences thought they knew it all when it came to the facts of flushing – so we’d need compelling evidence to show them how Niagara was a smarter choice.


We knew that a humorous, disruptive creative approach would differentiate Niagara from the competition – while boosting awareness, interest and purchase consideration.

Padilla’s integrated campaign, “Toilet for Smart Asses,” used a storytelling technique, pivoting on a hapless character (Phil, the dumb ass) to entertain while showcasing the advantages of Niagara toilets.


Padilla’s campaign drove leads and purchases with digital and display ads, and through a series of three entertaining videos on targeted social media. Display ads were featured on HGTV and Real Simple.

For property managers, we created an informative e-book, and drove purchases on from the campaign landing page. Throughout the campaign, ongoing media outreach helped generate continuous coverage in B2B and consumer outlets.


“The Toilet for Smart Asses” was a watershed in the history of Niagara sales. The videos garnered over 2.2 million views and drove over 72,000 qualified visits to the campaign landing page.

Most important, the campaign generated more than 600 sales leads in its first four weeks, compared to 930 during the previous 12 months – translating to thousands of toilets sold and countless gallons of water saved.