Land O'Lakes


Food Security is a basic human right. But it’s not a reality. Global food security will require the best thinking of the next generation to solve. The problem: Most college students don’t even consider careers in agriculture. To attract college students to the understaffed agriculture industry, Land O’Lakes Inc. teamed with Padilla to promote the Global Food Challenge Emerging Leaders for Food Security™ program.


Agriculture is a dynamic, innovative industry, and its careers take people all over the world. However, when most students think of a career in ag, their mind doesn’t go there. We needed to provide prospective students with a window to the excitement of careers in agriculture.


College students – our target audience – live online. We developed, designed and wrote the Global Food Challenge blog and website, creating a compelling portal for college students to learn about careers in ag and apply to be selected for the exclusive Emerging Leaders program, providing opportunities for global travel, a summer internship and mentorship.


The Global Food Challenge website and blog share the experiences of the emerging student leaders, professors and mentors who work diligently to support the program. The website’s mobile-optimized design targets potential applicants, as well as college professors, who help spread awareness of the program. Once at the site, visitors can follow and share the discoveries of emerging leaders, professors, mentors and others as they post updates on their journey to solve food insecurity, and learn how we can all play an important role in the solution to the global food crisis.


The Global Food Challenge – Emerging Leaders for Food Security program has become a conduit for bright, socially conscious college students. The website garnered a 54 percent increase in users and a 22 percent increase in page views compared to the year before. Each social media channel increased engagement by receiving new followers and likes directly from target audiences.


Best of NAMA, Award of Merit