Crisis Response


Padilla was called in to help a large family-farming business address a serious listeria outbreak in apples that had claimed three lives. The client had no crisis plan or materials in place and was about to be publicly identified as the culprit by the FDA.


For the business to recover, the Padilla team knew that only the most immediate action would manage the developing story, the messages around it and consumer, distributor and FDA concerns.


We quickly began employing our traditional and social media monitoring services, and we worked closely with the client, their legal team and the FDA to develop a media strategy. Within hours, we had an approved a message platform that included standby media statements, news releases and social posts.


As the FDA’s investigation continued, we helped the client manage customer communication and requests from news media outlets for regular updates on the case. Padilla also created an online platform that enabled distributors and consumers to file claims in the case, which provided the legal team and insurers with valuable information on the nature of future legal issues.


Through our rapid response and close coordination with the FDA, we were able to keep the story from receiving major national news media attention. The story had the potential to spiral out of control, but as a team we were able to manage the message and help our client as they dealt with a tough situation.