Agoro Carbon Alliance


Agriculture receives unfair blame for the climate crisis – contributing to just 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

However, agriculture has an opportunity to play a significant role in preventing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making our global food system more sustainable.

Recognizing this opportunity, Agoro Carbon was created in 2021 to accelerate the global transition to conservation agriculture practices. The company set out to educate farmers and ranchers about the environmental benefits of carbon sequestration within the soil. Agoro Carbon also offers financial incentives and science-backed agronomic expertise to farmers and ranchers who enroll in their program.

Agoro Carbon needed to build trust as an authentic, long-standing partner ready to support farmers and ranchers through every step of their carbon journey.


Research confirmed farmers and ranchers – our target audience – are innovative, value legacy, and are notoriously skeptical. For example, 36% of farmers were aware of opportunities for carbon payments, yet only 1% had signed a carbon contract. This signaled a need for more awareness, understanding and trust in the market.

Our sights were set on a bold goal: to enroll 1 million acres of farm and pastureland in conservation agriculture practices in the company’s first 18 months.

And that’s what Padilla helped them do, one field at a time.

Our strategy was to hit farmers and ranchers with three messages throughout a full-funnel, integrated campaign to drive awareness, build trust and increase enrollment.

  1. Top of the funnel – Goal: Generate awareness

 SIMPLIFY CARBON: Carbon farming is complicated, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

  1. Middle of the funnel – Goal: Grow consideration

 GET CREDIT: With the right partner and expertise (Agoro Carbon), carbon farming and ranching can benefit future generations.

  1. Bottom of the funnel – Goal: Secure conversions

 FORTIFY FUTURES: Agoro Carbon can help you navigate the complexity with tailored payment options and expertise.


The acres added up. Through targeted lead-focused, ads, earned media, thought leadership, trade show events and e-marketing, among other campaign elements, we built trust with farmers and ranchers and exceeded our enrollment goal.

While our approach was personal, our impact was transformational. Agoro Carbon surpassed their goal of securing 1 MILLION acres of farm and pastureland for carbon capture, putting the company in a position to sequester more than 5 million tons of carbon over the next ten years. Farmers and ranchers across 24 states enrolled with Agoro Carbon and immediately implemented practice changes that will lead to healthier crops and more productive grazing land.

Additional performance results: