Brand Strategy

Companies make things. Brands make meaning.

Most of us have a pretty out-of-sight, out-of-mind relationship with the stuff we consume. But then there are those brands that leave a lasting impression, that inspire enthusiasm and loyalty, that weave themselves into the fabric of our lives. Those brands succeed because they offer something – a purpose, a personality, an experience – that connects with customers in a more meaningful way.

Joe Smith is the brand consultancy of Padilla. We help organizations of all kinds develop strategies for their brand, design visual and verbal identities, and design experiences that bring their brand to life for customers and employees. The results? A more engaged workforce, a more avid customer base, a more successful business. And a more meaningful experience for all.

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Padilla sponsored a PRWeek roundtable on brand connection with industry leaders, including Barry Saunders, principal of Joe Smith. These experts covered myriad topics, including customer perspectives, the incorporation of purpose and value, storytelling, empowering employees and the way brand-building has evolved over the past decade. To read their conversation and view the PRWeek feature, click here.