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Presenting with Presence: 5 Tips for Conquering Public Speaking

Note: This is the first of a two-part post bringing you tips on public speaking. Whether presenting to one or one hundred people, the single most important skill I’ve learned is to be prepared. If y…
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Boosting Your Workplace Culture with Pop Culture

Have you heard of this little show called Game of Thrones? Whether you watch it or not, with more than 17 million people tuning in, chances are you know someone who does. Or at the very least, even if…
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Moving Past the Manager Roadblock

During the course of anyone’s career, change is inevitable, whether it’s working in new ways or evolving the workplace culture. And no matter the industry or corporation, a common challenge pe…
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The Disengaged Employees Have Spoken: Three Themes We Heard from the Road

Recently, my colleagues and I took several road (and air) trips to visit client sites and interview their employees. Part of a larger effort around improving the organization’s culture, we were focu…
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Employee Engagement: Three Steps to Borrow from Customer Engagement

Every year, organizations invest significant time and money to understand and appease their customers, while often overlooking their most important customer and asset: employees. But, employee engagem…
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Two Steps to Claiming Your Workplace Confidence

Confidence is a two-way street. When you exude confidence, in turn, others instill confidence in you. And at work, that means people will have confidence that you’ll get the job done – which leads…
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