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Five Food Marketing Musings Inspired by Eating Across Asia

Having recently visited the far other end of the Pacific Ocean for the first time, I feel energized to muse on the theme of eating in other countries (as I did similarly about Europe after traveling t…
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I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille (and Pinterest)

If you’re at all active on social media platforms, chances are you’ve seen the humorous posts revisiting the embarrassingly awful styles depicted in photos from 1970s-era mail order catalogs. Ther…
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Three Marketing Musings Inspired by Eating Across Europe

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have recently vacationed in Europe again, returning to spend time in two favorite cities and also checking out a new destination. As a food lover and marketer, of…
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Real Ingredients, Real Stories

Image: Imagine stepping into a time machine and speaking with our 1976 selves, and the disbelief that would greet our tales of a future where unlikely upstarts, as opposed to relia…
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Planting a New Habit on Leap Day

Leap Day is Monday, February 29 and on this rare occasion, the food marketer asks oneself: are there any food traditions associated with this quadrennial holiday? A cursory Google search reveals a few…
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Making Sense of Scents of the Past

Weird thing, the olfactory nerve. This smell-sensing bundle of neurons that starts in the nose connects directly with parts of the brain strongly connected with emotion and memory. That’s why Hallma…
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