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Data Visualization: What Makes a Great Infographic?

Corporate America is facing a challenge: Data is becoming more readily accessible while executives are becoming less so. Data Visualization is engaging and it helps us understand the data’s signific…
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Discover your Competitive Advantage with Customer Value Measurement

As markets grow increasingly competitive, companies are quick to cut costs or rely on brand reputation to keep customers coming back. But customers make purchase decisions based on value. They only re…
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What Does “Insights” Really Mean? (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you have done or considered research in the past year, you might have heard or seen the word “insights”. In fact, you might have come across that word a lot. “Insights” is becoming the favo…
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The Right Approach to Customer Insights: 2016 is the Year of Emotion

Customer experience leaders predict that 2016 will be the Year of Emotion. There are strong financial incentives to becoming a more customer-centric business, and observing interactions from your cust…
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