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“Beer me” that wine, will ya?

While the phrase “beer me” will always have more of a ring to it than “Chardonnay me,” people are opting for wine and spirits over beer more and more. In fact, according to For…
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Back At It With the Beauty Insights: CEW 2018

Look, I’m fairly confident navigating a drug store beauty aisle and the gleaming booths of prestige makeup at Sephora, but attending an event like the CEW Beauty Award Product Demo really hits you i…
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Beauty and Personal Care Trends for 2018

In 2016, the U.S. earned the title of the most valuable beauty and personal care market globally, generating roughly 84 billion dollars in revenue. Considering how often I make it rain in the haircare…
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The Weather Outside is Frightful, Especially for Winemakers

2017 has been a bit of a wild ride for everyone, from politicians to pop stars to everyday Joe’s. It’s also been a tumultuous year for winemakers; with devastating frosts crippling vineyards in Eu…
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Belle of the Beauty Product Ball

Earlier this month, the Coppertone team at Padilla had cause to celebrate when one of the brand’s sunscreens snagged the Holy Grail: a beauty award from Allure Magazine. Coppertone CLEARLYSheer Whip…
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The Legal Grass is Always Greener

Look, 2016 was a weird year. And, as if the universe wanted to prolong our agony, it was actually 1 second longer than usual. From Brexit to clowns lurking in the woods (okay, seriously though guys, w…
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