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CVS & Aetna: What it could mean for the future of health care

Earlier this week, CVS Health proposed its plan to acquire Aetna for approximately $69 billion – another step in the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care for patients. Earlier this we…
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How to be an Effective Storyteller in Today’s News-Packed World

What’s your story? That’s where effective, compelling storytelling comes in. Being a great storyteller isn’t easy, especially when dodging deadlines and fielding daily tasks. But it doesn�…
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Why We Hit an Afternoon Slump & How to Avoid it

Do you ever feel that 2:30 p.m. slump? I know I do, and I’d feel confident in saying that most of you feel it, too. You’re not alone. While there are early birds and night owls, one thing that is…
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Are social platforms a growing trend for doctors?

Have you recently befriended your doctor on social media? Likely not, because patient-physician engagement on social platforms violates the ethics of HIPAA. And while chatting with your doctor sounds…
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Active Facebook User = Longer Life?

Has Grandma recently posted an old photo of you on Facebook? Whether the photo was embarrassing or cute, it’s positively impacting her health, so just let it slide. A new study recently found that t…
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Olympians – They’re Just Like Us

If you’ve been watching this year’s Olympics (or just reading the news), you’ve likely seen a few athletes with dark red/purple spots on their bodies. Earlier this week, superstar-Olympian Micha…
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