Padilla Earns Five Region III Best of NAMA Awards

Minneapolis, MN (Feb. 1, 2021) – The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) recognized Padilla with five awards at the Region III Best of NAMA virtual award ceremony.

NAMA is the agriculture industry’s largest professional development organization and awards are highly coveted by clients and agencies alike. Padilla received awards from NAMA for its client work in the following Agricultural Audiences categories:

First Place: Multimedia Campaigns-National

First Place: Audiovisual Presentations directed to dealers, distributors, sales reps or others serving agribusiness

Public Relations

First Place: Overall PR Program – directed to farmers, growers, ranchers or others serving agribusiness

First Place: News, Feature Article or persuasive writing – Trade Media

Merit: Audio/Video Feature or Testimonial

View the complete list of the 2020 Region III Best of NAMA award winners at NAMA.org.

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