Social Media

Meet your audience where they are.

Our world has become permanently connected thanks to the digital age. Nearly ninety percent of the US is actively online. But social media strategy is not always about quantity, it’s about quality interactions. Trends – apps, platforms, etc. – come and go, but at the heart of social media is humanity. At Padilla, we believe that online consumers are more than target audiences – they are real people with real passions. To take someone from “follower” to “friend,” brands need to listen more than they talk and provide social currency that is needed, not just “on message.”

We provide clients with strategies that bridge the gap between brands’ objectives and what consumers need. This is done by connecting with the RIGHT people in the RIGHT places at the RIGHT time, and creating purposeful, sharable content that others are excited to pass on.

North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission
Sending our love of sweet potatoes viral
Rockwell Automation
Engineers swipe right for Rockwell Automation.