B2B Communications Strategy:
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Use an omni-channel approach to more effectively attract and nurture B2B buyers.

Every organization is trying to get from point A to point B. But when it comes to communication — the main vehicle we use to reach our buyers — we often rely on just one method of transportation, one channel or one path.

When you allow for the flexibility of choosing the right path or channel at different times in the buyer’s journey, or to support different types of buyers, you’re able to design a much more efficient and effective program. It allows you to match the journey with the end goal — both yours and your customers’.

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The B2B media landscape.

of 2019 marketing budgets at B2B tech companies will be allocated toward paid media1
of B2B audiences consume business-related content online at least once a week2
of B2B audiences most frequently encounter business-related content through social2
of B2B content marketers research their audience by talking to customers3
of B2B marketers said aligning marketing and sales efforts will be their top challenge this year1
of B2B buyers who see a personal value buy a product1

Learn to take the wheel.

Take an integrated approach to strategic communication.

Companies today, especially B2B technology, industrial science and health companies with long and complex buyer’s journeys, need to break away from using only one channel and embrace a creative, integrated marketing and communication strategy.

Know your target market.

Make sure you’re reaching your buyers at the
right time and place by following these five steps:

Define your end goals.

What are you trying to achieve?

Understand your buyers.

Who are they, where are they, what do they care about?

Define your message and POV for different buyers.

The same message won’t resonate with everyone.

Map the best path for each set of buyers.

There are different channels for different outcomes.

Test different combinations of messages and channels.

Track against your goals and adjust, as needed.

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