What do a CEO and a Harley enthusiast have in common? PadillaCRT’s New Brand Ad Campaign: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Ever notice the similarity among ads for communications firms? Differentiating an agency with a headline and body copy is a real challenge, especially an agency with as much to offer as PadillaCRT. I’m pleased to say that our Creative group overcame that obstacle with the Where Passion Meets Purpose campaign we’re rolling out this month. Our agency is all about enabling our clients to articulate their purpose, then connecting that purpose with the people who are important to their success. Since ours is a people business, why not let readers connect with some of the great people who live their purpose inside the workplace and out? And since our agency has transformed into one with complete “paid-earned-shared-owned” capabilities, a paid campaign – developed in-house – was the perfect vehicle to showcase the breadth of our talent. You’ll see our ads in the PR trades and regional business magazines. This campaign combines individual expertise with our collective vision as an employee-owned agency. In our first ad (seen here) of a series, I’m paired with a user-experience expert, and his beloved Harley®, at a vintage gas station. Tell us what you think when an easy rider meets the leader of the pack!



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