What are We Drinking? Peek Into the PadillaCRT Glass







Most people know me as their “wine friend.” They don’t necessarily know what I do, exactly, but they know I’m really into it and they can ask for wine advice. Even my Dad still calls me a sommelier (I am not) when bragging about me to friends, grocery clerks, or anyone else that stands still for long enough.

cropped-DameWine4The truth is I only know what I know. I’ve worked around wine for nearly 15 years, and I still prefer the regions I have represented over the years. I get oddly obsessed with each region, and defend them like you’d defend your brother or your kid – I am fiercely loyal.

These days, I mostly drink and best understand Rioja (Reservas when I can get them) and Rhone (Villages are my jam) for amazing and delicious value reds; Burgundy for occasional splurge reds (Nuit St. Georges is out of this world) or rounder whites (Montrachet…yum!); Alsace for crisp whites; and Provence for roses. I drink a ton of dark spirits (especially bourbon) and am really digging my newest client, TAP 357 these days, because it includes another client I love in a fierce way, pure maple syrup from Canada. Try a dash of that in an old fashioned!

I’ve repped all of these regions at one point, and a decade or more later, I’m still drinking them and recommending them to friends. How’s that for ROI?

There are a gaggle of wine, beer, and spirits lovers at PadillaCRT. Just for fun, and this likely won’t be the last time, I asked around about what others at the agency are drinking these days. Here are some good ideas for your next summer tipple.



Rohit Keshwani, Senior Digital Developer and Craft Beer Lover

Because it’s summer, I’m drinking lagers, saisons, and Belgian wheat ales. Every once in a while, a shandy. [I hear you, Rohit. Shandies are a delight. -PMF]

Pablo Olay, Vice President and Campaign Director for Wines from Rioja

Riojas are always part of my repertoire! I also love dry Rieslings, Prosecco (Serre was a recent discovery), and palo cortado sherry from Jerez. On the beer front, Shiner, Coronitas (half bottles of Corona just taste better to me), and Red wagon IPA from Fire Island.

Alisa Coddington, Senior Analyst and Nostalgic Tippler

Switching to summer drinks, Txacoli is my go-to summer wine, because it is fresh and sparkly and goes with hot weather food. G&Ts because they are simple and there’s a glut of new gins to try (gin is the new whiskey around here). Grain Belt Premium (or Primo as well call it), because it is local and tastes like ‘the good ole days.’

Jason Poulos, Digital Strategist and Craft Beer Ninja

Grapefruit Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point Brewing – This isn’t a “fruit beer,” but I’m pretty blown away about how the subtle hints of grapefruit are integrated with, complement, and expand the hop profile.  It’s quite refreshing and tips in at a manageable 7.0% abv.

Tameka Davis, Account Executive and  Media Specialist for Van Gogh Vodka

Lately, I’ve enjoyed different takes on the French 75. My summer go-tos are Van Gogh Melon & Lemonade, an ice-cold IPA, or chilled glass of rose.

Mariam Quadri, Account Executive and Lover of the Brew

Right now, I’m really loving Ommegang Witte. It’s such a light, refreshing, and easy to drink beer. If that’s on tap at a bar, I order it! Goose Island IPA is also a good go-to for me.

Michael Whitlow, Chief Growth Officer and a Mad Man

Looking for some of the Mad Men stash being served at a party in NY soon and elsewhere available. Anyone for an old bottle of gin?


Photo Credit: Wine Folly and Dame Wine.

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