Unwrapping Consumer Engagement: Round-up of the Best Easter Candy Social Posts

Didn’t get an Easter basket? Well lucky for you I have a basket full of top candy brands’ attempts at reaching their target consumer –where else – on social media. I know what you’re thinking – kids under the age of 13 are not on social media. Right. Tell that to my 9-year-old cousin who sent snaps all day yesterday. Those in the candy business know very well the spending power of kids and they invest heavily in social content creation and partnerships, especially during these candy-crazed holidays.

  1. PEEPS – this classic Easter treat went the recipe route with a Teen Vogue PEEPs S’mores video. It was fresh, pastel-painted and perfectly tailored for their target audience – Teens.
  2. M&Ms – this nutty brand shared this sweet stop motion video from Delish. Unsure whether they partnered with them or just acted fast to share it in real time for the holiday. Either way, LOVE it! Chicks Rule
  3. Reeses – I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen this spot before, but I think it’s quite clever. Reeses has been killin’ it with March Madness content, but they took a one-day break to give some love to this older humorous spot set to the tune of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx_aoaLx-O8
  4. Cadbury – it’s not Easter without the Cadbury bunny and this year he was leaving #EggsEverywhere. This UK brand encouraged fans to do some #EggBombing across the globe, like this one captured on Easter Island. I have a feeling this isn’t just for Easter, but a larger campaign, so look forward to seeing more shots. Cadbury

So which candy brand’s post was the sweetest? Let me know what you think and which ones made it into your kids’ baskets (or yours… I still get a basket).

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