Top 7 Signs the “PR” Holidays Are Approaching

It’s still, technically, early November. In the normal world, holiday madness starts after Thanksgiving, but alas, in the PR world, the holidays have already arrived. But come on. Year after year, the harassment comes sooner and sooner, and we PR peeps are partly responsible. But we’re definitely NOT the only ones!

Here are the top signs that the “PR” holidays are fast approaching…

7) The wine pubs have begun their top 100 countdown. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

6) PRNewswire has lowered their rate, JUST FOR YOU 

5) The SMT emails are hitting more frequently than normal with amazing, reduced rates, JUST FOR YOU 

4) Magazine writers are suddenly your best friends. They can’t write about your brand, but donate product to their holiday party and they’ll tweet it out 

3) 2014 year end recap reports

2) 2015 budgets and scopes of work 

1) You get an email from the Today Show producer, begging you to stop hanging around her kids’ school and no, they will not mention your booze by name 

Happy Holidays!


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