Top 5 Drinks to Celebrate Golden Sochi Moments





As always, this year’s Olympics have been filled with triumph and tears, and that’s just on my couch! From raging eye infections to brotherly bonds, these memorable Sochi moments call for a celebration with some equally memorable cocktails:

1. Bob Costas’ Raging Pink Eye

costas-sochi-memeMaybe Bob has taken to the latest, disturbing craze of vodka eyeballing, but the double eye infection has caused us all pain the past few days and we deserve more than just a shot of vodka. Let’s all toast Matt Lauer for saving Bob (and sparing us) with a few shots of “Pink Eye” (equal parts chilled vodka, cranberry juice and simple syrup). Dim those lights, shut those peepers and rest up, Bob!

2. Ginger Mary for the Out-YOLO’d Flying Tomato

Ipod’s YOLO was rad enough to win gold, upsetting two-time gold medalist Shaun White (formerly “The Flying Tomato”) on the half pipe last night. He gave his competitor a hug and handled the reporters gracefully following the blow, making him all that much more deserving of this Ginger Mary concoction from The Drunken Tomato. Cheers to another four years, Shaun!

3. Women’s Hockey – Are you Ready to Rumble?

Far superior to the other teams and often left competing against each other, the U.S. and Canadian women’s hockey teams have been known to throw off their gloves for a little competitive aggression in past match ups. As the tension grows and the press eats up the prospect of the world’s best hockey girls gone wild, you can instead delight in their incredible talent and an icy glass of “The Rumble” from LA’s Brasserie Comme Ça.

4. An Olympian, His Inspiration and a Heart of Liquid Gold

alexIt is impossible not to reach for the tissues and cheer for Canada’s star mogul skier, Alex Bilodeau and his proud older brother, Frederic. Born with cerebral palsy, Frederic serves as Alex’s greatest inspiration. Their sweet bond is the most touching story in this year’s Olympics, and perhaps in all of sports, made better only when Alex brought home the gold. Toast to the beautiful Bilodeau brothers with a touch of pure Canadian maple syrup in this tasty “Fountain of Life” cocktail.*

5. Hamlin’s Angel’s Share

For the first time, Erin Hamlin clinched America’s first individual luge medal. She dedicated this historic bronze medal to the memory of her grandmother, who recently died in a tragic car crash near their upstate New York home. Don’t forget to pour one out as you toast to Erin’s victory with this bitter sweet “Angel’s Share” cocktail from Imbibe magazine.


Photo credits: Someecards, Washington Post and ABC News/AP.

*PadillaCRT is proud to toast this year’s Canadian gold medalist with a touch of liquid gold, pure maple syrup from our lovely client, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. Check out more recipes here.


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