Top 3 Beverage Alcohol Trends for 2015

It’s not even December, yet the web is already buzzing with predictions on what’s hot in the wine and spirits industry in 2015. Maybe someone took their cue from Walmart, which started selling Holiday decorations the day after Halloween.

Like it or not, trend reports, much like holiday decorations, no longer wait for sweater weather. Jumping on the band wagon, here are three emerging beverage trends for 2015.

The Boilermaker Celebrates a Comeback

In 2015, craft cocktails will share the spotlight with simpler, more straight-forward drinks, such as a shot and a beer, known as a “boilermaker.” Case in point, The New York Times recently published a full-page feature on the classic pairing. Some of these pairings are the usual cheap-whiskey-and-cheaper-beer marriages one expects, but more sophisticated duos are making their way into bars across the country.

Wine Pairings Go East

Asian food will continue to be a huge trend next year, so think about how to educate your audience on clever pairings for your alcohol beverage brands. For the best pairings with Ramen noodles, Vietnamese Pho and Korean street food-inspired grub, Wine Folly already published six pairing suggestions for next year’s food trends. Time to pop the cork on that sparkling rosé in your fridge!

Organic Is More Popular Than Ever

Consumers continue to clamor for natural products, demanding to know the origin of what they buy. Alongside a trend for clearer labeling in 2015, organic adult beverages will rise in popularity. Organic wine is getting better, beer and cider companies are getting on board, and organic spirits are now available in most categories, including vodka, gin, liqueurs, whiskey, tequila and rum.

Trend alerts will continue to flood our inboxes through Q1 of 2015. As always, a few trends will stay and many will fade. I find it comforting that it’s ultimately up to the consumer to decide what’s hot and what’s not.

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