TikTok: Underrated or Overrated?

In case you’ve missed it, TikTok has been steadily taking over the social media world. According to Business of Apps, 689 million people around the world currently use TikTok monthly and by 2024, eMarketer has predicted that 39.3% of US internet users will be using TikTok.

Month-by-month TikTok continues to dominate the global download charts, surpassing other social platform powerhouses like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Whether you have never been on the app or are a frequent user, TikTok has unlimited potential for marketers, solely because of its popularity. However, understanding how exactly TikTok can be useful for your brand can be rather daunting.

If your company isn’t Ocean Spray, Coca-Cola, or HBO, guess what? TikTok can still be useful to you! If you don’t have any money to dedicate to ads, that’s OK too!

So, where’s the value then?

Arguably the most valuable aspect of the app can come from spending time within the app itself. Yes, that’s right. Become a user. Become a consumer. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer and let the magic happen.

What comes up? Are there any ads you like? What videos are going viral? Are there any influencers you come across who pique your interest? These are the types of questions to ask yourself.

Odds are, when something goes viral on TikTok, it will go viral on just about every other platform as well as across traditional media. Think about the feta pasta trend. Or how about the time when a brand like Coors Light capitalized on a trending dance and used it for their new product, Coors Seltzer?

Spending time on the app and familiarizing yourself with what is popular can prove useful when drafting content, creating ads or thinking strategically about your brand. Of course, advertising on TikTok is always a great option, but sometimes that isn’t the most realistic tactic pending your brand or your target demographic, as TikTok tends to skew younger. Most importantly, sometimes the best way to use TikTok as a brand is to make your own content.

As someone once said, “Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.”

Whatever the case is, if you work in social media, becoming highly proficient in the TikTok world will only help you in the long run.

Lastly, to answer the question: Is TikTok overrated or underrated? Personally? Underrated. Professionally? Also underrated. In case you can’t tell, the options are endless when it comes to TikTok, both as an advertiser as well as a consumer.

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