Thought Leadership as a Differentiator

15-1-pdsi-infographic-v4Innovation, integrity and corporate responsibility are hallmarks of well-run businesses. Add in a dash of thought leadership, and a company may gain a distinct competitive advantage.

According to Forbes’ Glenn Llopis, in Thought Leadership Is The New Strategy For Corporate Growth, thought leadership is about introducing new ways of thinking that will reinvent industries and significantly impact business models, the marketplace, employees, consumers and the workplace.

He posits that corporations that embrace thought leadership as a strategy for growth represent the essence of market leadership, corporate accountability and changing the rules of client engagement.  It requires an organization to be transparent about its best practices and share them with clients.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with corporate leaders who understand this intuitively. Most recently, our agency worked with Patterson Companies. Talk about being transparent. Patterson is shedding light on the growing market for potentially unsafe gray market and illegal black market dental supplies. As part of an educational awareness campaign for dentists that PadillaCRT helped to develop, the company launched As Llopis suggests, Patterson’s website provides a transparent look at concerning issues in the dental supply industry, and how dentists can safeguard their patients and their dental practices. Further, Patterson is challenging the industry to follow its lead to ensure the highest supply chain integrity and create solutions.

Companies that are highly regarded take seriously their responsibility to be good corporate citizens. Thought leaders, like Patterson, go a step beyond and work to develop industry solutions.

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