The X Factor: CX and WX Learnings From Our Pandemic Journey Study

Seven months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic thrust companies into a departure from the norm, forcing them to rapidly restructure the experiences they use to engage customers and employees. Since then, challenges for business leaders have abounded – market fluctuations, legal hurdles, shifting resource needs, morale issues and heightened urgency around diversity and inclusion.

Together with our Joe Smith brand consultancy, we gathered weekly perspectives from business leaders through surveys and in-depth interviews, effectively mapping the stages of the Pandemic Journey. The takeaway? As customer and workplace experience considerations continue to evolve, a company’s ability to effectively transform is only as good as its CX-WX connection, and how it supports organizational purpose.

At PRWeek’s PRDecoded conference, we shared the learnings from that research – illuminating patterns, potential pitfalls and opportunities business leaders can benefit from as we move into 2021. We put forth the CX and WX questions leaders should be asking themselves right now, encouraging them to use this era of ambiguity to unlock the full potential of organizational purpose.

Watch the breakout session with Emily Valentine and Mike Garrison here:

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