The Workplace Word: A Tale of Two Work from Home Employees

After months of working from home, it’s safe to say that, generally speaking, employees now fall into one of two buckets. There are those who love working from home and would happily make it a permanent thing. And there are those who are totally over working from home and are ready to get back to the office ASAP (full disclosure: I fall solidly into that second bucket).

While some organizations have already stated that their employees will be working from home until at least 2021 (or possibly forever, if you work at Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it’s likely that most companies will have some sort of hybrid reopening. Whether providing the option to work from home on certain days of the week, or exploring new office space approaches like the hub-and-spoke model, companies are looking at many different ways to safely allow employees to return to work. 

So with that in mind, how can you balance the differing needs and preferences of these two different employee mindsets? Here are some tips.

For those who love working from home and don’t want to come back:

For those who don’t like working from home and want to come back:

If you’re thinking about reopening your office, Padilla can help – learn about our new Return-to-Work (R2W)SM Process here.

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