The Globe: 94.7 FM's Repositioning

OK, got the laptop up and running for blogging capability. Need to watch the Super Bowl from a client’s house due to a last second project/assignment. Hopefully they have Wi-Fi so I can live blog it, but if not, I will post a late night summary of Super Bowl advertising impressions.

Local Washingtonians may have gotten the news on Friday about Classic Rock 94.7, The Arrow’s repositioning to the Globe, World Class Rock. The radio station wants to be Green, and a little hipper and trendier, and have gone so far as to write up a new mission statement. The Washington Post wrote up the Green repositioning on Friday.

Personally, I listened to the station this weekend for a couple of hours. Its marketing is hip, trendy, appealing. But the actual programming still sounds like Classic Rock to me. Yeah, there’s some hipper stuff like Devo and a Nirvana tune or two, but it’s still too safe. It’s a nice thing to listen to when you’re tired, but don’t want Jazz or Classical. Hmmm. Refresh the brand, new mission, but same product usually equals same results. Currently they are ranked #17 in the region, so we’ll see what happens over the ensuing months.

The CBS-owned Globe says they will evolve their music a little based on user feedback. Let’s hope they do, and add some flavor. Some Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Jane’s Addiction and Green Day would be nice.

I am taking inventory of our approach and methods. The product’s great, but as we’ve gotten busier, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on client service needs. Service has come to mean a lot of things in today’s business world, but the first definition on is, “An act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.” This is the ideal I’d like the company to strive towards. In an ideal world, I’d like all of my clients to walk from each engagement feeling this way. As such, I may work on a series of principles or guidance to achieve this ideal. Continuing progress is a noble goal. And by striving to do the best we can, I am sure we will achieve success.

In addition to the Dictionary quotation, here are two more to get your Monday going:

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