The BuzzLine – Week 8 – Condiment Commotion!

Soy SauceThe BuzzLine would like to thank our fearless summer intern, account coordinator Tommy McPhail, for today’s guest post! Thank you Tommy!

Congratulations to Week 7 winner Scott Davila for his entry “Alec Baldwin made me do it.” Want to know what Alec Baldwin made him do? Check out last week’s BuzzLine.

For Week 8, we’re foraying into the wild world of condiments with a challenge of Man vs. Food proportions!

Virginia made buzzworthy headlines this week when one daring 19-year-old attempted to stomach an entire quart of soy sauce in just one sitting on a dare.


Though he’s since made a full recovery after a hospital stay, high salt intake can lead to some serious health issues, which is why we want to know:

If a ‘soy shots’ trend caused the Surgeon General to roll out new warning labels for high sodium products, what six-word advisory would you recommend to caution daredevils?

How about ‘Warning: Sodium Seizures May Require Hospitalization’

Or perhaps the blunt ‘This isn’t Nike. Don’t do it.’

Be sure to sound off with your two cents in the comments below, and with Facebook’s hashtag debut officially underway, spread the word with #BuzzLine. As always, the winner will receive coffee on us! Talk about a delicious deal (and salt-free to boot)!

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