The BuzzLine – Week 6 – Nike Cuts Ties with Livestrong

Congrats to our Week 6 winner, Sarah Smith for her pithy six-word rallying cry to gather folks around the grill this summer – “Grillaxin…burgers, barbeque, beer, and besties!” Sarah, thanks for participating in the BuzzLine and look for your Starbucks gift card early next week!

For Week 6, we’re going to take a look at the wild world of sports.

Joel Saget / AFP/Getty Images

With Nike’s help, Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong cancer charity turned a little yellow wristband into a global symbol for cancer survivors and a cultural phenomenon. But that partnership, which started in 2004, will soon end. The shoe and apparel company is cutting ties with the charity in the latest fallout from the former cyclist’s doping scandal. While you’re thinking about how Livestrong is no longer Lance-strong, buzz off on this:

In six words, what advice would you give to Livestrong on how to move forward in its new post-Armstrong era … and without Nike?

Put your six-word suggestion in the comment section and check back frequently to see what others have to say on the subject. We’ll announce a winner next Thursday. Six words for a heavenly cup of frothy, caffienated goodness? Sounds like a fair trade!

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