The BuzzLine – Week 4 – Blanched, Broiled or Fried?

Congratulations to Week 3 winner Greg Surber, our friend over at the Hodges Partnership. His six-word graduation speech to the Class of 2013? “You will make mistakes, embrace them.” (Greg your Starbucks gift card is on the way. Keep your eyes open, too, for news about the quarterly playoffs, once we figure them out.)

Remember, the BuzzLine is a weekly contest that challenges PR, marketing, media and communications pros to deliver a smart, witty, creative or humorous six-word commentary – or BuzzLine – in response to a question about a recent news story or media topic.

Last week we asked for a six-word commencement speech to the Class of 2013. Some of the BuzzLines we received included “Work to live, not the reverse,” “In reality, your education begins now” and “Treat your career as a journey.” See all the other six-word gems from last week here. And thanks to everyone who participated.

Now for week 4… Just put your six-word culinary recommendation in the comments below, and you could win an iced skinny mocha to wash it down.

OK, get the tabasco and buzz off on this:

You heard about the cicadas, right? The bugs emerging from a 17-year slumber this spring? “They’re Here!”, reported the Washington Post earlier this week, and billions more are expected on the East Coast over the next few weeks.

What better way to deal with billions of noisy bugs than to…eat some of them? The Today Show, National Geographic, Huffington Post and others explored cicada munching this week. Yum.


In six-words, tell us how you would prepare or prefer cicadas as part of a main-course meal or a satisfying snack.


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